Gelert Solo Tent

Elan Valley June2013 (6)

These are available from a few different makers under different names, but they are all pretty much the same.

This is a very lightweight, easy to pitch tent that is as cheap as chips, mine cost £20 as an ex-demo from a camping shop.

I really like this tent, it goes up in a couple of minutes and has some nice features, the mesh inner is superb. The pack size is great and the poles are a decent size and well made.

The only problem? Its too small. Or at least it is for me, I fit in it just fine, but my equipment ends up outside of the tent. In the picture above I couldn’t even fit the motorbike crash helmet in with me.

Great for short hikes, but I couldn’t fit a full rucksack in it, so no use for longer trips.

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