Karrimor Orkney 65 Rucksack


Before I start you should know I love Karrimor stuff, even after they got bought out by Sports Direct they continued to make superb equipment at a great price. I really rate the footwear they make, I used a pair of their sandals on the SWCP and had no problems at all. I’m even wearing a pair of their boots as I write this.


This was the worst rucksack I have ever owned.

The zip on the bottom compartment lasted about three days.

The internal drawstring at the top split after a week.

But the worst thing of all was the cheap plastic clips they use to hold the straps. The shoulder straps would be tight when I started walking and slowly get looser during the day, making the pack uncomfortable to carry. A really bad design.

I did look at replacing it with a¬†different from one their range but they all seem to use the same clips, so I’m ditching them for rucksacks completely.

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