Wild Country Zypher 2 man tent

Day1 (10)

A fairly light, easy to pitch two man tent.

This is the one I used for my SWCP walk. Its classed as a two man, but you would need to be really, really good friends to share this. Large for one person, cramped for two. I love this tent, it was close to 2 kilos, so heavy by todays standards, but plenty of room for me and my gear inside the tent. Enough room to actually get dressed in it, rather than stumbling out half naked in the morning.

Very easy to put up and can cope in harsh conditions. If you stake it out properly and use all the guy ropes it can withstand really strong winds, but I didn’t have to on the SWCP, because the weather was so good.

I got this one second hand and it was several years old when I got it. I’ve used it a lot and the floor has started to separate, the laminated layers of material are coming apart, so it leaks water in through the floor if you happen to pitch it in the way of a flow of water, as I found out when it started raining one night.

I’d happily have another Wild Country tent though, I really rate this one.

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