Pentax K-m Digital Camera

Carrying a DSLR on long walks is a bit of luxury, they are quite bulky and heavy compared to compact cameras and modern mobile phones, most of which come with cameras built in now.

However I am happy to make other sacrifices in what I take with me to have this camera, I just love the photos it takes.

It can be used like a simple point and shoot, it has autofocus and a very good auto setting, but it also allows you to mess with the depth of field and manual focus to take an even better picture.

The best thing about this particular camera however is that it still takes AA batteries. Most modern DSLR’s use rechargeable batteries, meaning you need to find a power point after a few hundred pictures, something I wouldn’t of been able to do when walking the SWCP. Pentax have also made the lens on their digital cameras backwardly compatible, so any autofocus lens will work, meaning you can find cheap second-hand lens and you know they will still make new lenses to fit for a while yet.

This camera takes wonderful pictures and even copes well with low light, it has an anti-shake system built in that actually works. It is very solid and robust, I’ve dropped it and even fallen on it and it still works well.

Newer cameras have a higher pixel rating than this, it is only a 10mp camera, but it does me just fine and I can’t see me changing it anytime soon.

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