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Overseas Travels

This is just a few of the photos I’ve taken on my trips overseas.

I’m lucky to have travelled a great deal, however not always with a camera.

Some of this pictures will be photos scanned in, so the quality is not brilliant.

Bulli Bummel - Hannover

A celebration of the humble VW.

Cologne, Hamm, Wuppertal and Berlin

A quick dash across Germany.

Berlin Street Art

The Berlin Wall and other street art.

Wolfsburg and the Autostadt 2015

My son lives near Wolfsburg, so I go through there on a fairly regular basis, but this was the first time I actually visited the Autostadt.

Most of it wasn't overly interesting, it seems to be about selling new cars, but the museum was fantastic.


Prague 2014/5

A bit of a jump in the timeline here, if I find more photos I'll add them in.

I spent the new year of 2014/5 in Prague with my son, at the stroke of Midnight we were standing next to Charles Bridge, dodging the fireworks.

Prague is a truly beautiful city, I love the old gothic buildings and the stunning '60s Jetsons style TV tower.

New York, Washington and Niagara 2000/1

A few images from my trip to New York, there are pictures from the top of the World Trade Centre, taken on new years eve, a few months before they were tragically destroyed.


Arizona 2000

I was lucky enough to Visit Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California in 2000.

Jersey 1999

Not really overseas travel, but it fits in better here than anywhere else. I lived on Jersey for a summer, working in a restaurant. Great times indeed.

Mexico 1999/2000

I visited Mexico over the millennium and spent the new year at the Palenque ruins.

I also visited Acapulco and the fantastic beach at Zipolite.

Thailand and Laos 1998/99

I visited Thailand and Laos in the winter of 1988/9 and had a wonderful time, the people there are friendly, the food is fantastic and the scenery is lovely.

Well worth a visit if you ever get the chance.


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